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Run for Mental Health Research

The de Castella Run for Mental Health is proud to partner with the Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre, MAPrc to help raise awareness and funds for mental health research.


“Conducting world-class research with equality, respect and understanding”


We are a Centre of great passion, energy, enthusiasm and high ideals! Over many years we have worked hard on the clinical translation of neuroscience into innovative treatments for people with severe mental illness.


Our name, the Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre MAPrc, encapsulates our affiliations with both Monash University and the Alfred Hospital.


MAPrc research into illness such as schizophrenia, depression and bipolar disorder is categorised into four key research areas:


  • Women’s Mental Health
  • Psychiatric Neurotechnology
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Psychiatric Service Research


Our Mission

Our mission is to find new treatment approaches for mental illnesses that really work

  • Expand understanding of mental illnesses and their treatment through clinical, patient based research (as opposed to laboratory research)
  • Develop new and effective treatments and diagnostic techniques that will directly improve outcomes and quality of life for people suffering from mental illness
  • Facilitate and support new service approaches for people with mental illness


Our Centre

The core team consists of Director, Deputy Director, Research Manager, Research Fellows, Clinical Research Assistants and postgraduate students.  Overall, MAPrc currently has of a multidisciplinary team of 130 staff and post-graduate students from medicine, nursing, psychology, allied health, science, and health information services.  With this rich mix of skills and expertise, there is constant cross-pollination of ideas and problem-solving.


What makes MAPrc special?

There is no divide between lab and bedside: we are working with patients as we innovate

We are a in a real-world setting...

  • Unlike older-style research facilities that are built on university campuses or research parks, MAPrc is situated in the heart of a major Melbourne teaching hospital, The Alfred.
  • This creates a powerful connection between researchers and the people who stand to benefit from their work.
  • MAPrc is a unique translational psychiatry research centre, developing new treatments for all mental illnesses in all age groups.


Where will my donation money go?

This year funds raised will go towards establishing a new PhD scholarship at the Monash
Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre (MAPrc). The selected recipient will join the team of 
clinicians, researchers and post graduate students to help mend minds by conducting a series of high quality clinical research projects under the direct supervision of MAPrc Director, Professor Jayashri Kulkarni, to ensure all outcomes are of the highest quality. The scholarship is offered as a stipend for three years to emerging students with exceptional ability within the scientific and medical fields. The total cost of these research projects can be anywhere between $300,000 and $500,000. 
• 1 in 5 people experience serious mental illness in their lifetime
• resulting in 1 in 2 people being directly or indirectly affected
• mental illness is the 3rd highest cause of disability or premature death in Australia
• at least one third of sufferers don’t respond adequately to current treatments. 
MAPrc is committed to developing new treatments for mental illnesses, to further the understanding of the causes of mental disorders and to rapidly translate our research into general use. As one of the largest clinical research groups in Australia, we have developed innovative treatments for depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder through the application of the very latest neuroscience discoveries for over 20 years.
We welcome your interest and support, simultaneously raising funds and awareness around this serious health issue affecting our community. All donations of $2- or more are tax deductible. 

For more information about our research, please view our website at



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